HYQVIA is a liquid medicine that is given under the skin (subcutaneously) to treat primary immunodeficiency (PI) in adults.

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Infuse monthly.*
Live daily.

Meet Silas.

Full-time student. Aspiring psychological researcher. Real HyQvia patient. Between studying, working and traveling to attend conferences, he doesn’t have a moment to spare. HyQvia helps him focus less on managing his treatment and more on living his life.

HyQvia is a once-monthly* subQ treatment for PI.

Are you an adult living with primary immunodeficiency (PI)? Patients like you are maximizing their time between infusions with HyQvia, a liquid PI treatment given under the skin, once a month.*

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*Every 3 or 4 weeks.

Old blue-capped and updated purple-capped HYQVIA vials and casing. Old blue-capped and updated purple-capped HYQVIA vials and casing.

Why HyQvia?

Once-monthly* HyQvia has been studied in adult patients with PI. What did we discover?

*Every 3 or 4 weeks.

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