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Purple is
the new blue

Old HyQvia vial with blue cap and casing.


Updated HyQvia vial with purple cap and clear casing.


HyQvia® vials are getting a new look.

The updated vials have:

  • Purple corners icon.

    The same medication

  • Purple corners icon.

    The same amount of medicine

  • Purple corners icon.

    The same administration process

  • Purple corners icon.

    The same pump and infusion supplies

  • Purple corners icon.

    The same insurance coverage

HyQvia vials. What's new?

The most noticeable update is the color of the caps, which are changing
from blue to purple. Also, the new plastic casing is transparent instead of
blue, and there is a handle designed to allow you to comfortably grip the vial.
For administration details or guides, you can always view the Infusing HyQvia

Lined up from smallest to largest, original vials with blue caps and blue casings.


Lined up from smallest to largest, updated vials with purple caps and clear casings.


Have questions? Let’s talk
through them.

Can I still use my original blue-capped HyQvia vials?

Absolutely! And you should. They’re still perfectly fine. Over the coming months, you may receive
a combination of blue-capped vials and purple-capped vials. This is expected to happen and is
OK. You can even administer blue-capped and purple-capped vials together as part of your same
HyQvia infusion.

Does this change how I infuse?

Not at all. You should continue to infuse exactly as you have been trained by your
healthcare professional.

What if I haven’t received any purple-capped vials in my shipment?

That’s totally fine! You will start to see purple-capped vials in your shipment over the coming months.
Continue to use the blue-capped vials in the meantime.

What if I get vials with both blue and purple caps in a shipment?

This might happen, and it’s OK. There’s no difference between the two even if they come in the same shipment. You can even use them together in the same infusion.

Why does the Hy vial in my 2.5 gram dose of HyQvia look empty?

The new 2.5 gram dose of HyQvia has a larger Hy vial, but contains the same amount of medicine that was in the original blue cap vials. So while it may look like there’s less, it still contains the correct amount of Hy for your infusion.

Who can I talk to if I have questions?

A yellow hand holding a purple phone icon.

If you have additional questions, reach out to your
healthcare professional or specialty pharmacy provider.