(What common words mean.)

Glossary of common words and phrases

These are all associated with PI and IG treatment.

You don’t have to memorize these, but it may help to get familiar with them.


Acute serious bacterial infections (ASBIs)Short-term but serious infections that require immediate medical care
AntibodiesProteins made by the body to help fight infections
HyaluronidaseFound naturally in your body, temporarily opens the space under the skin (the subQ space)
Immune systemHelps your body fight infection
InfusionMethod of administering fluids into the bloodstream
Local side effectsOccur on the body where the medicine is given; these generally go away within a few hours and are less likely after the first few infusions
Patient-yearPatient experience in a clinical trial over the course of 1 year. One patient-year is equal to, for example, the experience of 2 patients for 6 months, or 12 patients for 1 month each
Primary immunodeficiencyA term used to describe a group of mostly genetic disorders that cause the immune system to not work correctly
SubcutaneousUnder the skin
Systemic side effectsHappen throughout the body, such as a headache or feeling tired

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