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While your doctor is your best go-to resource, we’ve rounded up some helpful, educational materials that are packed full of good info.

Whether you have a question about your ramp-up period or are looking for a community of others with PI, here are some helpful resources.


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There’s HyQvia information, infusion guides, and more.

Educating yourself on PI is one thing, while learning about infusion and how to do it is another. That’s why we’ve put together comprehensive materials to help guide you through treatment.

Why HyQvia brochure.

Why HyQvia brochure

Get familiar with HyQvia, what it is, and how it works. The perfect place to start reading if you’re considering HyQvia.

Patient starter kit.

Beginning treatment with HyQvia is explained in the Patient Starter Kit. 

Takeda provides Patient Starter Kits to specialty pharmacies. The kits are designed to help educate patients about infusing HyQvia and should be sent along with their infusion system. The kit does not replace training by a healthcare provider.

  • Overview Guide
  • Step-by-Step Infusion Guide (see below)
  • Wellness Journal (see below)
  • Infusion Mat

There's even a video to walk you through everything in your kit.

Get the Step-by-Step Infusion Guide.

Get the Step-by-Step Infusion Guide. 

This guide outlines the steps. Keep this guide on hand for a refresher if you need it. Your healthcare team will make sure you’re properly trained on how to infuse your medication.

Patient Wellness Journal.

Keep your Wellness Journal close.

Here, you’ll keep a record of each infusion and its details, and jot down any thoughts, questions, or notes about your infusion experience for yourself or to remember when following up with your doctor.


Have you checked out these organizations?

Their missions are to help you understand everything from diagnosis to clinical research and so much more.

These organizations are third-party resources and not associated with Takeda.

Immune Deficiency Foundation logo.

Founded in 1980, the Immune Deficiency Foundation, or IDF, is a national nonprofit patient organization dedicated to improving the diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life for people with PI. They do this through advocacy, education, and research.

Jeffrey Modell Foundation logo.

The Jeffrey Modell Foundation is devoted to early and precise diagnosis, meaningful treatments, and ultimately, cures through clinical and basic research, physician education, patient support, advocacy, public awareness, and newborn screening. To learn more, visit the Global PI Village®.

IPOPI International Patient Organisation for Primary Immunodeficiencies logo.

Through the International Patient Organisation for Primary Immunodeficiencies, you can find out what’s going on with PI research and awareness on a global level.

Join a community of support. is a community of 52,000+ members committed to helping those living with PI, whether it’s someone diagnosed or a family member or friend supporting someone diagnosed, regardless of treatment. Sound interesting?

Group of people icon.