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Old blue-capped and updated purple-capped HyQvia vials and casing. Old blue-capped and updated purple-capped HyQvia vials and casing.

Does Hy make a difference? Absolutely.

Hyaluronidase is the reason you can infuse once a month* and what makes HyQvia different. Technically, it’s Recombinant Human Hyaluronidase, but you can call it Hy. We do. Hy is something found in your body naturally. It’s the first part of your two-part infusion. It temporarily opens the space under your skin (the subQ space), allowing a larger amount of Ig to reach your subQ tissue and be absorbed into your bloodstream to help HyQvia fight infections. So you don’t have to infuse as many times per month. Kind of awesome, right?

In the clinical trials, there were no observable changes in the skin or subQ tissue in almost 3,000 infusions and maximum exposure of over 3 years. After a HyQvia infusion, a temporary, soft swelling may occur around the infusion site, which may last 1 to 3 days due to the volume of fluid infused. The effect of Hy is reversible and your skin will be restored within 24 to 48 hours following your infusion. Learn about additional side effects that can occur with HyQvia.

*Every 3 or 4 weeks.

Dual-vial unit.
One infusion.

HyQvia is supplied as a dual-vial unit that allows you to infuse Hy, then Ig, at the same time. You can work with your doctor to use one or two infusion sites, depending on what’s right for you. Ready to learn more about infusing HyQvia?

How to take HyQvia
Updated HyQvia vial with purple cap and clear casing.
HyQvia vial
Hyaluronidase (Hy)

Infused first, Hy opens the subQ space to allow for a larger amount of Ig.

Immune globulin (Ig)

Infused second, Ig includes the antibodies that help your body fight infections.

Angela, a patient on HyQvia, in her activewear happily taking a selfie.

Angela lives daily.

Angela’s three kids keep her on her toes, but when she isn’t chasing them, she’s chasing finish lines. She loves to run. So, staying in shape and spending time with her family are important to her. Maximizing time between her infusions is a must.

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Beyond proven protection

Beyond proven protection

From subcutaneous infusions to a flexible schedule, you may find that there’s a lot to love about HyQvia.

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A closer look at protection and safety

A closer look at protection and safety

HyQvia was studied to find out if—and how well—it may be able to help fight infection.

See study results