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It's the only subQ IG treatment that provides protection from infection with a monthly* infusion.

*Every 3 or 4 weeks.

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Proven to help fight PI

When taken every 3 or 4 weeks, HyQvia helps protect people with PI from germs that could cause infections and make them sick.

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Safety matters

When it comes to your PI treatment, we know safety is always top of mind. HyQvia’s safety has been studied and the results are available for you and your doctor.

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Not given into a vein

Administering intravenous (IV) Ig can be difficult for some people, especially if you have veins that are damaged or hard to find. Learn about subcutaneous (subQ) infusions with HyQvia.

HyQvia and acute serious bacterial infection (ASBI) data points were studied in a clinical trial of 83 adults with PI with the main goal of measuring how many ASBIs they experienced over the course of 1 year.

ASBIs are short-term but serious infections caused by bacteria that require immediate medical care. The FDA standard for efficacy—that is, if an immunoglobulin works—is less than 1 ASBI per year. In the clinical trial, people taking HyQvia experienced significantly less than that.

Let’s talk infusing.

You’ve got options. Talk to your doctor about where the best place to infuse would be for you and who you’d like to give your infusion.

The choices are yours.

Choose where you want to infuse:

  • Home
  • Infusion center
  • Doctor's office
  • Hospital

Choose who you want to give your infusion:

  • You can give it to yourself
  • A caregiver can give your infusion
  • A trained healthcare professional

†After training from a healthcare professional.

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Mary, a patient on HyQvia, posing on the beach with sunglasses and a smile on her face.

Mary lives daily.

Just try and keep this SoCal girl off the beach. Happily retired, Mary loves to visit her favorite beaches and discover new ones with her husband and pups. One of the main reasons she chooses HyQvia is to infuse less often, explore more.

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Mary was able to tailor her treatment with the guidance of her doctor. Knowing what questions to ask can help you and your doctor have a more targeted conversation about treatment.
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